Black and White Crinoline Petticoat.jpg

Crinoline Ruffle Skirt


40 yards of crinoline are trimmed with ribbon on every seam and fluff on every hem.  Here we have cream/cream, white/white, black/black, black/white in medium adjustable elastic waistband fitting a range of sizes from 28"-34".  Smaller or larger waistbands can be special ordered.  Hand sewn in Tennessee custom for us, we can order any color of the rainbow at any length or size.  Please contact us with inquiries.

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Black and White Crinoline Petticoat.jpg
Black Crinoline Petticoat.jpg
Cream Crinoline Petticoat.jpg
White Crinoline Petticoat.jpg
Cream Crinoline detail.jpg
Black and White Crinoline detail.jpg
Black Crinoline detail.jpg
Cream Crinoline Ruffle detail.jpg